The author of this blog is just a simple individual, a woman of hearts  and  great  passion in achieving one`s goal,  A mother of two loving kids, one boy and one girl, single parent who keep on trying to raise her kids alone, the eldest among the four kids gifted to the couple named  Lourdes and Gerry. A graduate of Computer Systems Design and Programming in AMA Computer Learning Center. Consecutively worked as a call center agent in three years with four of the Philippines biggest Business Process Outsourcing company for both local and foreign account. Considered as one of the members of the newbies in  blogging. Other talents and passion lies in expressing her deep thoughts and emotions through charcoal painting, writing journal, poetry and song writing.


Life Simply Matters is a true to life blog that signifies every aspect of life. It was written and posted based on the author`s own experience and the life of the people around. This has been created to be shared and to figure out life`s significant value and purpose. "Life is not perfect....we only learn a lot from our mistakes....experiencing the most difficult one is an advantage but painful.....because if`ll never know how life was meant to be." Words done by mouth is good but having something we could hand and read over is better.

As we walk through life`s deepest hardship and pain, I hope that this site could somehow lift our burden, have our mindset clear with heart full of hopes and be able to make things lighter for a bright tomorrow.