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In the year 2003 my hubby and I decided to have another child but at that time we were wishing  for a  baby girl. Since he was  already stable in his  job and we already have enough savings so we hoped   that there will be no problem if we decide to  have our second baby. Our first born  was a boy named Mike Joseph and at that time, our son was already on his 10th year. So we believe that the age gap between them was really enough. We have tried several  times  for me to get pregnant but we failed.I just prayed to God that he will give what we have asked him   on the right time.Despite all  my motivation I still felt so hopeless that
gave me the feeling as if  there was  something wrong on my side until one day......my hubby told me  that he got laid off from his job. From then on  we had stopped ourselves from  having a second baby.

It was  January 2004 when I began dreaming on a consecutive nights of a two baby girl. To  my surprise, I have heard that one of them was talking to me as if she was  old enough like a  20 years old  lady  but I can see   that her body is just a  baby girl. There was the other baby girl  who was very quiet and seems  like she feels weak. She can`t even raise her face up on me. I  don`t know what does that dream means. It makes me feel weird but I know that dream  just wants to convey a lot of  things that will play the most important role in my life. That two baby girls come on my dream everynight from January 2004 until September 2004.  Our family was on a crisis during those times ( husband got laid off from his job, our savings got emptied and we don`t have something to buy for food,  we skipped a day of meals because we are already penniless. I began knocking at our neighbor`s houses asked if they could lend us some  money for food but not all of them helped because there are just few of them who gave a helping hand but I`m already thankful enough for that..) when I cried I asked God to help us in anyway. Until one day ......I have decided to drop by in a barbershop as the barber asked me to come along and have my son`s haircut for only half the price of the regular cost posted  outside his wall. I have noticed that there is no other barbershop on the street so I got no other way to refuse and in fact ....my parents gave me something i could use for  my son`s haircut so we went ahead. After the haircut was done barber held  my right hand and began reading on it. I refused but he said I don`t have to worry because he will not ask for any form of payment including  cash. He just feel glad and told me that my  face looks clear and bright as he stares on me. He began reading my palm and said a  lot of things.

Here are the list of things he said:
1. There will be a trouble in the family but it doesn`t look like an altercation.
2. There is a kind of sickness that If I  wont be able to pay attention to it, it will lead to death.
3. The life  that i have is already my second life. And it`s been twice that I`m quite-dead due to something that happened when I was young.
4. The relationship between my husband and I will  only last for long.
5. I`m having a second baby.
6. I will be able to choose a life which will lead me to success.
7. I will finally decide to run my own unique line of business that will give me enough wealth.
8. My emotions could kill somebody if I wont learn to control it.
9. And lastly, my life will  simply experience as what the old saying conveys "sa hinaba haba ng prosisyon, sa simbahan din ang tuloy". 

Those are the things he casted upon reading my palm. Again I felt weird about it. At  first, I  didn`t believe  what he just said and I really wanted to ignore  it but as one of his predictions happened,  I began having troubled thoughts. The fight between family member, the current health condition that I have right now, the death of  my daughter, my relationship with my husband, my second  baby and all of those really happened within a year from the time  he talked to  me. And  now I wonder where did he come  from. I was about to start to investigate the man  but the area where we`ve met was now gone. The shop wasn`t there and everyone said that the man has his own family but decided to  live by himself alone. I don`t know  what are those mysterious things beyond the man`s life except a few information I`ve got......that he just wanted to live alone

Back to my dream, I never had any idea that the 2 babies  I am with. in my dreams will soon be my second baby and my first niece. We didn`t expect that both my sister and I will get pregnant in the same year.

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