Thursday, October 6, 2011


Marriage is an agreement between two individuals who promised to love and care with each other through thick and thin, richer and poorer and for better or worse. It is a life time commitment binded by God`s law.
There are types of marriage done, one  in civil  rights and the other are celebrated  as church wedding where the bride  and the groom made their promises in both types.But no matter  what type of  marriage which you
would want to have, the most important is at least you know how to hold on to your promises and you are  already prepared  to whatever obstacles might come your ways.But after years of being married, how far have you gone through?What happened to your promises? Would they be all remain as a promise and justify the fact that they will  always be made to be broken?Remember that in order for a marriage to workout for a lifetime, it doesn`t need only one person to do that but there  should always be two. One can`t say that he or she does everything to make the marriage survive if the his partner  doesn`t comply with what  he/she has been doing to  make the marriage workout for long. It really takes "two" to tango. Both parties should always cooperate well for marriage survival.

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