Thursday, November 17, 2011

What to do when baby holds breath deeply while crying

I have a 10 months old nephew who started to hold his breath while he cries. I thought he will only do that for a second but I panicked when he turned blue and was about to pass out because he dropped his both shoulders down and was about to fell asleep. My mother pressed his stomach on hold waiting for the air to kick back in. It took us 5 seconds before it became successful. I opened the situation when we went to a doctor for consultation and said it was just normal on most of the babies when they got hurt and can`t explain the pain so they just intend to hold their breath as their way to tell us how they feel.Though it is scary and horrible, might be something we should not ignore when it happens but should not be alarmed as babies will grow out of this phase when they become older.

All We need to do when baby holds breath when he cries
1. Stay Calm. Don`t panic.
2. Press the stomach on hold while giving him/her a big blow on his/her face to give him/her enough air to breathe as it will start to kick back in after few minutes.

Note: I am not an expert or a doctor. i only share this information to provide things that needs to be done as a primary aid to help the patient feel better. It is still best for you to consult a doctor so that you`ll have enough understanding why all of this happens during the babies` later months.

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