Thursday, January 19, 2012


It was a very sad and critical moment when the lives of two special person in Jade`s life, Onyx and Andy was put in danger.The episode was aired last January 18,2012. It was simply an outcome of what Edison has planned to frame up Jean, Chen Sy`s ex-wife, but didn`t intend to put anyone`s life on sacrifice to death. He just wanted to get even with Jean because she dispersed the anomalies created by Edison in the company as her revenge when Edison finally decided to return back his shares to the one eligible to own and run the company instead of selling it to Jean.

See what more will Onyx has to give up for the sake of his love to his childhood best friend, Jade.Will there still be hopes that both Onyx and Andy will be able to survive? Watch the full episode now click here => abs-cbn.com

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