Sunday, January 15, 2012


"Nasaan Ka Elisa ?" is an adaptation of Chilean Drama series DONDE ESTE ELIZA? which casts Albert Martinez as Mariano Altamira, Agot Isidro as Danna Altamira, Vina Morales as Cecille Altamira, Erik Fructuoso as Bruno Da Silva, Nikki Ferriols as Vivian, Joem Bascon as Cristobal,the head of the investigating team, and Melissa Ricks as Elisa.

Finally, the struggle between life and death has come to an end. The teleserye "Nasaan Ka Elisa" has shown their final episode last Friday January 13, 2012. The whole story revolves around the theme of finding the lost daughter of  Mariano and Danna Altamira. Everyone is puzzled about Elisa`s whereabouts. Investigators has put every member of the family into investigation as suspect but except for one, Bruno (who happened to take the hot sit as suspect on the last part) the husband of Cecille and step dad of Cecille`s son, Edward. No one knows from the start that it would be Bruno who was the real suspect about Elisa`s disappearance. Is she really kidnapped ? or run away to stay with Bruno?

To watch the full series of episodes please visit or click here =>  www.abs-cbn.com

The moral lesson of the story is not just for young operative who are being aggressive and just simply decide not even know how good or bad their destination only just to satisfy their wants and assumed correct but also for people like Mariano Altamira who thought too much to improve his loved ones life, though regardless of the things he did, it gave a significant negative impact on the life of Cecille, his younger sister.Due to his perfection, he was unaware that he already underestimate the capacity and ability of Bruno (who idolized him as his role model to imitate with at first) to promote his life for improvement and success.

The great lesson of the story lies not only on the lead person`s life but it revolves with the different aspects of the life of every character involved. 

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