Thursday, July 7, 2016


Where do you think a homeless child should be considered.....a hope of the people? ....or a nuisance to a soceity? Our world today is currently populated by lots of homeless child and still continuously counting. And obviously, some of them are being abandoned by their irresponsible parent. Study shows that a large part of a homeless child population is a product of teens who got pregnant at their early age which resulted to having  lack of knowledge about the responsibilities and obligations they were about to face after. They have no idea on how they could raise and support their child that`s why most of them have abandoned their child instead of having it aborted while still in their womb. Some has placed them in an orphanage and some are being aborted and not given a chance to live.

I just got being nailed on the thought that why would they prefer to abandon innocent being instead of havig someone who can adopt and raise their children and can give them a better life. I may not be called perfectly responsible parent but at least I never deprived them of their chances to live.

I always got my heart melting whenever I see those homeless and unfortunate innocents who beg for alms. They work all by themselves alone just to have something to buy for a food and support their daily living while I was thinking that these young ones deserves to live comfortably and get their right to have better education. I just gave them a count of a penny left in my pocket and them food because that's the least I could do. If only I can give them the best life they deserve I wont have a second thought but I must admit that eventhough how much I'd want to.....I simply can't because my wage was just enough to support my family. I just can't afford to just pass by and ignore these less fortunate people for they don't deserve to bear this kind of life on the street simply because of their irresponsible selfish parents. 

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