Monday, November 15, 2010

Being a call center agent doesn't mean that you`re good enough to speak english or should i say sociable to communicate with the foreign people...sometimes it really depends on your luck despite the hard times that you`ve just exerted. Some people are doubtful and feel hesitant eventhough they really wanted to start a career in this entire world engaged in business process outsourcing industry because they use to think they might not be able to reach the standards set by the companies or might be disqualified simply because they don't know how to speak fluently. Well......those are just some of the wrong thoughts that keep clinging on people`s mind.


What i have noticed from my training experience with one of the big call center company was that ...though they have set standards for the applicants to prequalify for a call center position and are
really meticulous on selecting applicants who can speak english fluently but they still consider a lot of things and one of those are your potentials. Meaning eventhough you are not fluent as long as you know how to rephrase a sentence with organized thoughts and see you have the gots they can still give you a shot.
Well .....if you really want to get something in life you already know the keyword on this guys.....never loose hope ....keep on striving ....don't get down by bad criticisms......just mind about your future and objectives in life...nothing is impossible....just be strong...and have the great will and determination to pursue your  goal.

Off course the most important is that ......you should not have a big " ATTITUDE PROBLEM" keep your feet still standing on the ground wether how far you have gone through.

Keep those bad thoughts and hesitations out of your system.
It is really a rough road that leads to a height of greatness
Though not all are beyond your control but it still depends on you because you will be the driver of the path you choose.

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