Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to understand your child`s behavior?

I may not be a perfect parent for my child and for anyone else but I believe that only parents can do and understand our child`s behavior. It is important for us  parents to know exactly what they are going through.

Based on my own experience as a mother, I have learned so much and still learning until then on how to treat your kids on different ways. How to discpline them, how you can make them listen to every advices you say, or how you can make them understand that you are just doing everything for their own good. But the only keyword for this are the words..LISTEN...FEEL...and .....UNDERSTAND.

We need to remember that we were once a kid and as we grow old our interests and horizons changes. Like us, kids are also born different. Not all kids are of the same attitude and interests.

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