Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Passion for Charcoal Painting

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 It was my very emotional day when I started to draw my daughter`s face using a pencil and a sketchpad. I really don`t know why I felt that way. I just thought that maybe its the fact that I really missed her so much and no matter what  I do now I just can`t hold her back. I just find a way on how i can express my feelings. And that is when I started to sketch her pretty face by 10 pm on that day. I don`t care about the time that pass by. I don`t even care  whether I will be able to have enough sleep or none at all. All I want is just to
draw her face no matter how long it will take until it is finished. It is really my passion to draw things according to what / how I feel. I almost didn`t notice that my tears are already falling down on my cheeks while I was sketching my daughter`s face. Eventhough how hard I tried to control my tears, it just fell down uncontrollably.I spent so much time drawing her eyes, nose, and eyebrows perfectly and the way she smiles because its very unique and she seldom do it. Maybe If I could remember she only smile whenever her kuya tried to show some funny faces but not with  the rest of her time because I know that she`s not really feeling well. And you know what keeps on killing me??????.......is that when i see my daughter running out of her breath due to pneumonia almost everyday. I even asked God what shall I do....I`m penniless, All i have is God, friends and a family who supported me all through out the battle. Upon getting back to my consciousness,  Its already 5 am in the morning when I finally have my work perfectly done. I felt great joy after the sketch was done and I really cant believe that i did it! I never even got bored of the 7 hours time that had passed by from 10 pm til 5 am of painting my daughter`s face.

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