Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting Pissed Off Whenever you got rejected from applying for a certain job?

Ohh...how many times did you ever experienced applying for a job that starts by  leaving your house in the morning with full  of hopes and positive attitude but at the end of the day you still  resulted to going home depressed and so much disappointed.Well,  you were  not the only one  in the world because me too had experienced such situation and ended p feeling hopeless.

Things to do whenever you experience such rejection:

1. Motivate yourself - Think of something  that you would like to do for that day and bring yourself to it. Talk  to yourself and ask for the things that you should plan to achieve what you aim for. Don`t feel sorry and hopeless    because we should always take  the good side why it happens on and on. Think  that maybe you still have to do a lot of reviews. Remember that if one really wants to achieve his goal he will do everything no matter what and how long will it take. Efforts are limitless because you always wouldn`t mind the time you will  spend and the energy you`ll have to exert if you really want to gain what you aim for.

2. Treat yourself and have fun - Go shopping or watch movie together with your loved ones or friends for  a  while in order to unwind  your mind from stress and depression that you had experienced within the past 12 hours of the day.. Dine-out with them and talk. Ask if they could lend you a  hand by giving tips  on how to get approved with a job application.

3..Make  a plan  for  the next day - Be sure that you make a plan for the next day.  Think of your weak points or areas where you doubted that  needs improvement. Make a step by step basis on analyzing every details so that when you tried to apply again for the next day, you are now at least 85% confident that you might already win the final interview for the job.:)

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