Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This is a story of a girl who willingly gives all her life and sacrifice her real identity just to be loved and accepted by her chinese father.
 It is truly a passionate story for it proves that a person`s ability to succeed in any field specially in the business cannot be measured by the criteria based on being a man or a woman.And if you really want to achieve everything in life, there`s always a great path to strive hard and earn it.

My Binondo Girl casts Kim Chu ( as Jade Dimaguiba) as the lead star with Ai-Ai Delas Alas (as Zenny Dimaguiba) plays Jade`s mother,Richard Yap(as Chen Sy) plays Jade`s dad, other  co-stars are Ricardo Cepeda (as Edison Woo,Chen`s greedy business partner), Cherry Pie Picache (as Jean Dimasupil Sy, Chen`s legal wife), Laureen Uy( as Amethyst, Jade`s half sister),Gina Pareno (as lola Amor, Jade`s grandma) Marina Benipayo (as Menchu, Andy`s mom) and the three leading men Jolo Revilla (as Onyx,Jade`s childhood friend), Matteo Guidiccelli ( as Trevor, Andy`s half brother), and Xian Lim ( as Andy, Jade`s boyfriend).

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