Monday, December 19, 2011


There  are numerous path where a lot of people can be a millionaire. Get a pen and paper and here  I will share you some of the Top Business Ideas you can do:

1. Loading Business

     This type of business simply offers you a small capital investment that will yield huge profit.Part-time or full-time employee can do specially those unemployed. But I think it could be an advantage to those who are working because they can offer it to their office mates and friends. With the fast growing technologies, load can even be used now a days as an Internet load. There`s no hassle of raising a large capital just to earn profit.You can do business using one SIM card. For as low as P100 you can now start your own loading business. Or if you want fast and large growing profit I would highly recommend that you sign up as a dealer so you can even have rebates from the sale of all your retailers. D-Loads and Vmobile Technologies Load extreme are some that offers such product and benefit.

2. Blogging

    If you know you`ve got what it takes to be a professional blogger or simply you have the talent and passion to write an article about everything around, why not get engage in the world of blogging. Some made blogging as their way to express and share things they feel. Like some professional blogger, they have no idea before that they can use their blogs to earn revenue. They just write  an article about which ever they want until it finally came to their senses that they even monetize their blogs by providing ads space rental on your blog site or earn revenue from ads served by service ad provider.

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3. Selling your product on the net
    Since a lot of consumers are  now using the Internet to look for where to buy a product, you can make use of the idea selling your product over the net. There are site that offers a free ad posting where you can post your product. And its a good advantage for you that a lot of target users  would be able to find your product  because of the Internet.

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4. Do Tutorials 

    If you think that you excel in a certain field or subject, why not try to make use of the talent you had instead of letting it get deteriorated or useless. You could make an extra effort of setting a home service tutorial for a about an hour or two that lets you earn extra cash. You can even post ads regarding your tutorial service giving them your detailed  info including your landline or mobile number where they can contact you right away. 

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