Friday, February 10, 2012


Before anything else, if you happen to catch up my marital info you might think that I may not be on the right state to give this advices to you but just take it from my experience.....I just wanted to share my thoughts and opinion based on what I have gone through in my past relationship because if you will only lend me your eyes and ears upon glancing at this post, this article may serve as the voice of experience that will guide you upon entering the world of love and relationship.

Actually, there`s no specific formula to achieve a successful relationship. Not all relationship are build just the same as what others have because we can not simply base the fate of other relationship into the consequences of your relationship with your partner. A relationship will not be fully and strongly established if without its binding ingredient which are love, trust, faith, loyalty and respect.

It is important that both parties should work well to establish good and long lasting relationship.There wont be enough balance if only one will only do the sacrifice and the other will just wait and stand for what will happen.It always "takes two to tanggo".

Sometimes when you love, we always get blinded  in order to retain or keep the current relationship we had eventhough we know that there are things we simply can`t deny mostly if its coming from the bad side.

Or, whenever you are happy, have you asked yourself if you both feel the same? or it was just you who enjoy on your company. And simply because you feel so much happy you were not able to notice things and people around you if they feel the same way as yours and you have even neglected yourself and haven`t notice that everything changes that makes you look different from how you look before and you don`t even care.

There are several relationships that as though were not perfect but has successfully surpassed and exceeded all the hardships that they have encountered from the beginning up to the last filament of their breath and life.

If we come to think of it, there are higher reasons other than the binding medium that makes a relationship last forever and simply its GOD. It is important that a relationship should be God-centered because I strongly believe that if you put God as the center of your relationship, your inclusion will be guided perfectly to infinity.


1. Love and Respect yourself first.
             You cannot simply give love and respect to your partner completely if you don`t love and respect yourself enough because if not you will always end up empty for reasons that you have found out you have nothing and almost have lost your entire world.

2. Know yourself and your partner.
              It is important to analyze first the things that you want and you don`t want. Though most of us are meant to break our own standards in looking for someone to love and spend our entire life with it is still not bad to set our principles so that we could have something to live up with upon dealing with our partner.

3. Put God as the Center of  Relationship
               As I have mentioned earlier that it is important to put God as the center of your relationship so that your inclusion will be guided perfectly into infinity.

" In everything you do, put God first and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success."

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