Saturday, March 9, 2013


I must admit that I was the best example for this type of situation because I am really a big big woman and  it has been marked on my past that  a lot of damn person was teasingly shouting at me " TABACHOY!" and they even called me at my office just to insult me through the whole day. I was affected that much because I wasn't able to perform my work well and was about to cry at the end of the day. Alet my friend was all the while at my side to comfort me and  inspire me always. That was the event that  had made me opt to loose weight and develop my personality by gaining more friends and involving myself to social gatherings, joining back to work, doing a lot of massive workouts for 2 hours everyday while on a strict low calorie diet with no rice. and a lot that has kept me busy as I haven't really noticed that time has flown fast.

I was already at the moment that I have set walls against people who were insulting me all the time, I don`t go out and all I wanted was just to keep myself inside my room hiding from anyone. Obviously, I've lost the whole part of a self confidence until one day I've met someone who has her high level of confidence and we became best friends. Fortunately, it was an inspiring start of the new chapter in my life. Let me call my best friend "Alet" ( not her real name ). Alet was the one who taught me how to overcome what I have been avoiding previously. She was even the one who inspired me to push myself into a higher level of confidence and self esteem. She told me that I don't have to keep myself hiding from those nuts who kept on bullying me outside. But instead, I shall make all those bad experiences as my basis to accomplish everything I should do  for the good changes that must occur in my life. I carefully listened to all of her advices because I can see and feel how strong woman she was when I came to listen to her speaking about her past. We both has no hesitations upon revealing everything about our past. Slowly, I came to figure where she's coming from. She's a single mom and a victim of rape. She was about to be married to a man she dearly love when the incident happened. She was able to carry on for her child who at first, she hated that much while the baby was still in her tummy. But when she bore her first child, her whole world began to change for good. She realized everything that she loves her child so much and never mind of what has been running through every one's thought about her. And the only thing that was important to her was that to raise her child properly and nourish him with love and care away from those judgemental damn people. She once stood up and said " All of you ! You don't have the right to judge me for what I am if you haven't walked my path!!!!" right after that, she began to turn her back. She relocated together with her lovely child and started a new life with him.

Right after listening to her story, there was one point where I can relate myself. So what I did was to raise myself up and plan ahead. I taught myself that I was not doing this to prove those nuts but to prove the whole thing to myself. Off course, it affiliates a lot of patience and perseverance. Discipline and determination are what we all need to prevail to meet our objectives in life.

Everyday became an inspiring day for me. My life is not complete without doing my daily body workouts for 2 hours. My routine gives me enough enthusiasm to further enhance the activities planned to keep me fit, active and confident. And finally, after wrestling with heavy diet and exercises for twice a couple of months, I have met my best results. From 215 pounds, my weight has dropped down to 137 pounds. Now I feel happy and contented and have brought back my confidence as well. Off course, I still need to do what I am already used to do. I need to maintain my body by eating mainly fruits and veggies and a little bit of lean meat sometimes and still do the workouts to keep fit. 

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